Seminary papers and presentations

In the following I have published some of the presentations and seminary papers I have done during my Master studies. They might be useful for one or another trying to get a first idea about the particular topic.


(Wideband-)Delphi Software Estimation A short presentation of the (Wideband-) Delphi software estimation methodology including empirical studies of the differences between expert estimation and COCOMO based estimation.

Goal Question Metric using the example of CMMI A short presentation of an exemplary use of the goal-question-metric (GQM) methodogy in a CMMI setting.

Seminary papers

Does a company need a strategy? A seminary paper comprising a discussion about whether a company needs a strategy or not using the example of the company Amazon.

Meeting Management A seminary paper about how to effectively manage meetings so that they fulfill their purposes.

Semantic Web Services A seminary about semantic web services. What are they and what are they good for? A discussion of current research topics and future work on the example of some studies about automated service composition using MDA.

Written on October 2, 2009