Hi there! I’m a functional & logic programming enthusiast. Currently, I work as a Consultant and Founder. Besides I’m organising the Idris User Group Düsseldorf and Scala User Group Düsseldorf.


Date Venue Location Talk
2017-11-20 Lambda Meetup Munich, GER Refinement Types in Idris
2017-07-06 Lambda.World Cádiz, ESP Typelevel SEO with Idris
slides - code
2017-07-06 Scala Meetup Malaga, ESP ADTs and Typeclasses
2017-05-30 Scala Meetup Düsseldorf, GER Opinionated Scala
2016-02-17 Idris Meetup Düsseldorf, GER Type-calculating functions
2016-10-12 Scala Meetup Düsseldorf, GER ADTs and Typeclasses
2016-04-19 Open Data Congress 2016 Berlin, GER Presentation of plasmap
2016-03-18 Codecentric Tech Friday Solingen, GER plasmap - Akka Streams, Akka HTTP, Scala.js
2015-12-17 Scala Meetup Cologne, GER plasmap - Akka Streams, Akka HTTP, Scala.js